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Protection for you and your money

Select your investor profile and invest to the best of your ability

Activate the investor profile

Select your investor profile

After completing the KYC process, we will ask you to select your investor profile, which may be:

Non-accredited investor.
Accredited investor.

What is an investor profile?

The profile of an investor in icrowdhouse is defined by the degree of protection they have on the platform by limiting or not their investment capacity in published projects.

What types are there?

We differentiate two types of investor profile: accredited or non-accredited profile. If you want to have greater protection and limit your investment in the platform, you must select the non-accredited investor option. If, on the other hand, you are willing to assume a greater risk and invest without limitations, you must select the accredited investor option. In the latter case, you must complete the suitability test where we will evaluate your experience and knowledge, in order to protect you by ensuring that you can make your own investment decisions and understand the risks.

How active?

The activation of the inverter profile occurs automatically when you complete the selection process.

You must access the platform and follow the following route to be able to select and activate your investor profile: Know your costumer> Investor profile> Select

What is the process?

Depending on the selection you will be asked the following steps:

Non-accredited investor
  • Accept the commitment not to invest more than 3.000 euros in the same project published by the participatory financing platform.
  • Accept the commitment not to invest more than 10.000 euros in a period of twelve months, in projects published by the participatory financing platform as well as in the set of platforms in which it invests.
Accredited Investor
  • Pass the Suitability Test in such a way that we can evaluate your experience and knowledge.
  • Read and accept the risk warning and not subject to supervision.
  • Request to be considered an accredited investor, expressly waiving your treatment as a non-accredited investor.


Do I have to provide some kind of documentation?

In the non-accredited investor process, no.
In the accredited investor process not at first, but depending on your answers we can request you:

Proof of your financial situation.

If requested, it will depend largely on the AML processes of our payment entity, you must attach any of the following documents:

  • Document presented to a state authority (eg Last income tax return, etc.).
  • Document issued by a financial institution (eg account statement, bank receipt, etc.).
  • Document issued by a company or a professional (eg, duly signed Accounting Certificate, duly signed and stamped Payroll, etc.)
Contract with an authorized investment services company.

If during the identification process as an accredited investor you indicate that you have contracted a financial advisory service, on the platform's financing instruments, to an authorized investment services company, it is very likely that we will request a digital copy of the Contract with the licensed investment services company. The document must be current, legible and contain the following information: your name and surname.

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