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Create an accredited investor profile

Suitability Test

Once you have decided that your investor profile corresponds to that of Accredited, the first thing you will find is our suitability test.

What is the suitability test?

The suitability test consists of a series of questions that serve to assess that the investor has knowledge of what he is doing, that he meets the established requirements and that he has the necessary experience in this type of investment.

Is it necessary to overcome it?

Yes, it is the way we have to evaluate your experience and knowledge.

Test blocks
  • Financial situation: in compliance with article 81 of Law 5/2015, of April 27, on the promotion of business financing.
  • Knowledge.
  • Experience
  • Objectives, time horizon and assumable risk.

Risk warning and not subject to supervision.

After passing the suitability test, you should read «Warning of risks and not subject to supervision».
Once read, you will be asked to confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the warning.

Apply to be considered an accredited investor.

Finally, you must expressly renounce your treatment as a non-accredited Investor.


Do I have to provide some kind of documentation?

Not at first, but depending on your answers in the suitability test we can request you:

Proof of your financial situation.

If requested, it will depend largely on the AML processes of our payment entity, you must attach any of the following documents:

  • Document presented to a state authority (eg Last income tax return, etc.).
  • Document issued by a financial institution (eg account statement, bank receipt, etc.).
  • Document issued by a company or a professional (eg, duly signed Accounting Certificate, duly signed and stamped Payroll, etc.)
Contract with an authorized investment services company.

If during the identification process as an accredited investor you indicate that you have contracted a financial advisory service, on the platform's financing instruments, to an authorized investment services company, it is very likely that we will request a digital copy of the Contract with the licensed investment services company. The document must be current, legible and contain the following information: your name and surname.

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