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Investment opportunities icrowdhouse

I am looking for an opportunity

Information about projects

Know everything you need to know about a project.
Within each opportunity you can find all the documentation and characteristics of the project classified by tabs.

Quantitative and temporal limits

Know the maximum term to be able to participate in the opportunity.
Find out about the financing objective.

Type of investment

Capital gains type opportunities whose purpose is to sell.
Income-type opportunities whose purpose is to rent.

Property type

Mainly residential, premises and offices.
We are attentive to market trends to incorporate any additional typology: industrial, services ...

Operation instrumentation

Acquisition of shares in the capital stock of the company.
Capital increase in the company promoting the project.

Opportunity status

The projects are initially In study and once validated they go to In financing.
When the time limit ends or the quantitative limit is reached, they go to Funded o Not funded according to the success obtained.

Rating System

A rating system in projects that measures relative risk-adjusted performance.
The icrowdhouse Rating is not a measure of the quality or suitability of the project and should not serve as a substitute for individual due diligence.

Meet your promoter

We provide you with all the necessary information so that you know the promoter of the project.
Know their rating and the opinion of other users.

Investment risks

As an investor, you should know that there are risks in this type of investment.
At icrowdhouse we want you to be aware of the risks of investing in company capital, that is why we recommend you read the Warnings on investment risks.
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