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Ways to implement operations

Capital (Equity)

Social participation.

What does it mean?

In equity crowdfunding, people interested in the project or company make the investment in exchange for a share in their share capital, obtaining returns through the distribution of benefits proportional to their participation.

How is this type of operation legally formalized?

Through an existing company (SL) or a company (SL) of new constitution to which the different investors are given proportionally to the capital contributed through a capital increase, this company being the holder of the asset and Project promoter.
As a new partner, you will have signed the contract to adhere to the partner agreement during the investment process.
As it is a capital increase of a company, you do not need to go to the notary. The operation before a notary is formalized by the administrator of the company.

What can i win?

If the project goes according to plan, you will recover the invested capital and you will receive the corresponding dividends.

What guarantees does this type of operation offer?

By investing in equity crowdfunding, you acquire shares in an SL, so you are the owner, to the extent of your share, of the properties it owns. That means that your investment will be supported by the value (discounting debts) that the property has at that time.
There are no guarantees on the projected result, since there is no way to guarantee the investor the success of the project.

Loans (Lending).

Loan contracts.
What does it mean?

In crowdlending, investors lend to a company or a project, agreeing on the return of the borrowed capital with a schedule of installments with their corresponding interests.

How is this type of operation legally formalized?

This type of operation is formalized through a loan agreement between the borrower (the developer) and the lender (the investors). The contract is signed digitally.

What can i win?

If the project goes as planned, you will recover the principal and receive the corresponding interest.

What guarantees does this type of operation offer?

The guarantees in the case of crowdlending, both for the recovery of the principal and for the collection of interest, will depend on the conditions that have been signed between the promoter and the investors.

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