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Information about projects

Information about projects

We provide you with detailed information about the projects in which you can invest.

What information is provided on the platform?

In the header, as well as the product sheet, you can find information about:

Structured in the form of tabs you can find the following information:

In this section you will find in a summarized way:

A short description of the project and its characteristics.
A list of the key aspects of the investment.
A brief economic summary of the project.
The most significant details of the economic proposal of the operation.

In this section we focus on the technical aspects of the project:

Detail of surfaces and qualities of the project.
Real estate plans.
Project images: current status, renders, etc.

Here we explain where the project is located:

Location in google maps.
Google street view tool.
Explanation of characteristics of the area.

An extensive summary of the project's financial plan:

Cost detail through tables and graphs.
Income detail through tables and graphs.
Projection of the income statement.
Explanation of risks and mitigants.

Also attached is all the project documentation, which can be previewed and downloaded:

Financial documentation: Appraisal, Feasibility report, Economic plan.
Technical documentation: work license, plans, work budgets ...
Legal documentation: Bylaws, Shareholders' Agreement ...
Contractual documentation: adhesion or investment contract.
Who is responsible for the published information?

The promoters will be solely responsible to investors for the information they provide us for publication.

Does icrowdhouse review this information?

icrowdhouse reviews the information both internally and through an independent third party to verify that it is complete and sufficient for our investors.
Turn icrowdhouse has implemented an a-rating system on projects that measures the relative risk-adjusted performance of an individual series of Notes. These have a scale that goes from «A1» to «E3», which represents the lowest and highest risk level respectively.

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