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Warning about investment risks

Please read this information carefully before investing. On icrowdhouse We want you to be aware of the risks of investing in business capital.


ICROWDHOUSE.com is the meeting point between REAL ESTATE Project Promoters in search of financing, and Investors interested in entering their share capital. This type of investment in Projects is exposed to risks such as lack of liquidity, absence of dividends, loss of investment, dilution of shares / shares, no possibility of influencing the management of the company or non-transferability of shares.

You are going to invest in this project because you have decided to place a bet on him and his promoter team, with the risks that this implies. In ICROWDHOUSE we want to be very clear so that you understand these risks well. Please take your time to read this information carefully.

Uncertain return and possible loss of investment.

The profitability and value of your investment will depend on the success of the project in which you invest. Therefore, if things are not going well, you may not get the return you expected and even, in the worst case scenario, you can lose all or part of the money you are going to invest.

Your investment is not guaranteed. This means that no one, neither ICROWDHOUSE nor the promoters of the company nor any guarantee fund guarantees you the recovery of your investment or a minimum return.

Lack of liquidity

Regardless of the exit mechanisms that are established for each type of investment, you should know that the shares in the capital of companies can be very liquid, that is, it may not be easy to find a buyer for the shares of the Companies in which you invest.

The time horizon of investment in the companies published in ICROWDHOUSE is generally medium and long term and requires patient and committed capital. We recommend that you do not invest in ICROWDHOUSE to speculate or for the short term.

On the other hand, we recommend that you take into account the conditions and restrictions on the transferability of your shares established by the Law, the bylaws of the company or the partners' agreement (such as the right of preferential acquisition, drag and accompanying rights, etc. .).

Dividends not insured.

Dividends are the income that a company can decide to pay to its partners or shareholders when there are benefits. Nothing guarantees that the company in which you invest has or maintains distributable benefits among its partners or shareholders or that, even having them, it is decided to distribute them.

Depending on the business model of the project published in ICROWDHOUSE, it is unlikely that they will distribute start-up dividends.

Dilution of participation.

When you invest you will be entitled to a certain percentage of the capital of the company that will develop the project. Your ability to influence the management of the company and your participation in the results of the company will be determined by said percentage, by the bylaws and by the pact of partners of the company.

You should keep in mind that your percentage could decrease if the company increases capital in the future.

Limited supervision

ICROWDHOUSE is a Participatory Financing Platform authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), registered with REGISTRATION NUMBER 22. However, the companies we publish in ICROWDHOUSE have not been examined by the CNMV or the Bank of Spain. This means that the information provided by the company in which you want to invest has not been reviewed by these organizations, nor is it an informative brochure approved by the CNMV.

The information that ICROWDHOUSE offers about the projects has been provided by them and is not necessarily audited. Our analysis is based on that information, and ICROWDHOUSE cannot answer for the veracity or accuracy of said information.

On the other hand, keep in mind that ICROWDHOUSE is not an investment services company or a credit institution and is not attached to any investment or deposit guarantee fund. The activities of ICROWDHOUSE and the information offered on the website and on the platform should not be understood as recommendations of ICROWDHOUSE to carry out investments or financial advice. Each user must form their own independent judgments and make their own decisions regarding their investment activity in the use of the ICROWDHOUSE platform.


Do not invest money that you cannot lose.
Diversifying your investment in several companies, you will diversify your level of risk exposure. Build a diversified investment portfolio
Read the documentation of each operation carefully, considering all the pros and cons of it before investing and making your investment decision in a responsible, rational and thoughtful manner.
If you don't understand something, seek independent professional advice.

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