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Cookies policy

Version February 2021

Through this notice, CROWDHOUSE WORLDWIDE PFP, SL, (hereinafter “icrowdhouse”), an entity domiciled at Av. Diagonal, 359, 2º - España, Barcelona (08037), CIF B66884974, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona at Volume 46.194 , Folio 201, Sheet B-512.623, Inscription 1, as well as in the Registry of Participatory Financing Platforms of the CNMV No. 22, owner of the website hosted under the domain name www.icrowdhouse.com (hereinafter, the Web) , informs visitors of the Web as well as its subdomains about its Cookies Policy, so that they are aware of the cookies that will be used while browsing the Web and can give their consent to them.

The User may contact the Data Protection Officer of icrowdhouse through the email protecciondatos@icrowdhouse.com or at the postal address of Av. Diagonal, 359, 2º - España, Barcelona (08037) for any questions or needs that it has in terms of data protection.

This Cookies policy (hereinafter, "Cookies Policy"), is complemented by the Privacy Policy of this Web.


Cookies and / or similar technologies are files that store and retrieve information when you browse. In general, these technologies can serve very different purposes, such as, for example, recognizing you as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits, or customizing the way the content is displayed.

For more information on how web pages and apps use cookies, click on https://www.allaboutcookies.org/es/


We use cookies to obtain more information about how visitors interact with our content and to help us improve the experience when visiting our Website.

The information to which we have access through cookies allows us to personalize services based on your interests, but, in no case, do our cookies allow us to obtain personal data, nor can they read data or other cookies that exist in his team.


We use the following types of cookies on our Website:

- Strictly necessary cookies and technical cookies: Both types of cookies have been inserted on the Web by icrowdhouse, which is also the one that accesses the information included in them and their purpose is to be able to provide a certain service requested by the user and allow the operation from a technical point of view of the Web respectively.
Thus, technical cookies include, for example, those that icrowdhouse uses to control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access parts of restricted access. These types of cookies also include user interface customization cookies.

- Analysis or measurement cookies: are those that allow the person responsible for them to monitor and analyze the behavior of the users of the websites to which they are linked, including the quantification of the impacts of the advertisements. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of the websites, application or platform, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the use data made by users of the service.

- Preference or customization cookies: are those that allow the user to remember information so that the user accesses the service with certain characteristics that can differentiate their experience from that of other users, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to show when the user performs a search, the appearance or content of the service depending on the type of browser through which the user accesses the service or the region from which they access the service, etc.

- Behavioral advertising cookies: They are those that store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it.

- Third-party cookies: This website uses third-party services to collect information for statistical purposes and for the use of the website.
i. DoubleClick cookies to improve the advertising that is included on the website. They are used to guide advertising according to the content that is relevant to a user, thus improving the quality of experience in using it.
ii. Google Adsense and Google Analytics services for our statistics and advertising. Some cookies are essential for the operation of the site, for example the built-in search engine.

Our site includes other features provided by third parties. You can easily share the content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google +, with the buttons that we have included for that purpose.


Except for the cases of strictly necessary and technical cookies that do not require an informed consent of the visitor for their use, the icrowdhouse will only insert cookies on the user's computer with the prior informed consent of the same.


Once the cookies have been installed, the user may at any time choose to revoke their consent and eliminate them. To do this, you can either use the content and privacy configuration options available in the browser you are using while browsing the web. Thus, depending on the type of browser that the user uses, the procedure for the revocation and elimination of cookies could be, by way of illustration, one of the following:

- Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/es/
- Internet / Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/
- Safari: https://support.apple.com/es-es
- Opera: https://help.opera.com/en/latest/
- Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/?hl=es


icrowdhouse. You may modify your Cookies Policy in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time. In any case, any modification of the Policy will be duly notified to the User so that they are informed of the changes made and, in the event that the applicable regulations so require, the User may grant their consent.


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