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Customer defense regulation

The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the requirements and procedure of the Customer Service Department of CROWDHOUSE WORLDWIDE PFP, SL (hereinafter “ICROWDHOUSE”).

Scope of ​​application.

The obligations contained in these Regulations will be referred to the complaints and claims presented, directly or through representation, by all natural or legal, Spanish or foreign persons that meet the status of user of services provided by ICROWDHOUSE provided that such complaints and claims are referred to their legally recognized interests and rights, and derive from contracts, from current regulations regarding transparency and protection to customers or good practices and financial uses.

The Customer Service Department will treat with the utmost confidentiality the data provided to you on the occasion of the complaint or claim.

Customer Service.

The holder of the Customer Service will be a person with commercial and professional honorability and with adequate knowledge and experience to perform their duties.

It is understood that commercial and professional honorability concurs in those who have been observing a personal trajectory of respect for commercial or other laws that regulate economic activity and business life as well as good commercial and financial practices.

The holder of the Customer Service will be the Sole Administrator, the CEO or that person who is designated by the ICROWDHOUSE Administration Body.

The appointment as head of the Customer Service will be compatible with the performance of tasks related to commercial aspects within ICROWDHOUSE.

In the event that there is a conflict of interest on a commercial matter in which the interested party and the holder of the Customer Service had intervened, the resolution of the complaint or claim must be made by an impartial third party, of which it cannot be brought in doubt its independence and criteria.

Initiation of the procedure.

Filing of complaints or claims:

The procedure will begin by submitting the complaint or claim document, which may be carried out personally or through duly accredited representation, on paper support or by computer, electronic or telematic means, provided that they allow the reading, printing and preservation of documents. The document will contain the following information:

  • Identification of the interested party (DNI, name, surname and address) or, where appropriate, of his representative (duly accrediting such representation).
  • Reason for the complaint or claim, indicating the department or service of ICROWDHOUSE from which the complaint or claim is derived and providing the evidence (particularly documentary) available to it.
  • Indication of the means through which the interested party wishes to be notified of the resolution of their complaint or claim. If nothing is indicated, the one that by default has been stipulated by the
  • User in the presentation of your complaint or claim.
  • Statement that the interested party is not aware that the subject matter of the complaint or claim is being substantiated through an administrative, arbitration or judicial proceeding.
  • Place, date and signature of the interested party.

The interested party must provide, together with the previous document, the documentary evidence that is in their possession on which their complaint or claim is based.

Customers will have the right to submit their complaints or claims to the Customer Service Department, subject to the rules of this Regulation, through the following means:

Deadline for submitting complaints or claims.

The clients will have a period of three months to present their complaints or claims, counting from the date on which the client became aware of the facts causing the complaint or claim.

Clients should only submit the complaint or claim once, without requiring its repetition before different ICROWDHOUSE bodies.

Any complaint or claim that is received by the Customer Service Department after the deadline established in the previous paragraph, will not be admitted by the latter for processing and will thus be communicated promptly to the customer by email.

Deadline for the resolution of complaints or claims.

Complaints and claims received by the Customer Service Department must be resolved by the same within a maximum period of two months, counted from the moment of receipt of the written complaint or claim together, where appropriate, to the corresponding evidence. documentaries in the Customer Service Department.

Admission to procedure.

The period established in Article 6 will begin to count, in any case, from the receipt of the complaint or claim document together, where appropriate, to the corresponding documentary evidence by the Customer Service Department.

Once the complaint or claim is received by the Customer Service Department, the file will be opened. In turn, a written receipt will be acknowledged, stating the date of submission for the purpose of calculating the maximum resolution period.

If the identity of the interested party is not sufficiently accredited or the facts that are the subject of the complaint or claim could not be clearly established, the signatory will be required to complete the documentation submitted within ten calendar days, with the warning that if this is not the case if the complaint or claim is filed without further processing. The period used by the interested party to correct the errors referred to in this paragraph shall not be included in the calculation of the two-month period provided in Article 6 above.


The admission to processing of complaints and claims may only be rejected in the following cases:

  • When essential non-rectifiable data for processing are omitted, including cases where the reason for the complaint or claim is not specified.
  • When they intend to process as complaint or claim, resources or different actions whose knowledge is the competence of the administrative, arbitration or judicial bodies or the same is pending resolution or litigation or the matter has already been resolved in those instances.
  • When the facts, reasons and request in which the issues covered by the complaint or claim are specified do not refer to specific operations or do not conform to the requirements established in Article 2.
  • When complaints or claims are made that reiterate other previous resolutions, presented by the same client.
  • When the deadline for submitting complaints and claims established in Article 5 has elapsed.

When knowledge of the simultaneous processing of a complaint or claim and of an administrative, arbitral or judicial procedure on the same subject, the Customer Service Department must refrain from processing the first.

When the complaint or claim is deemed not admissible for processing, for any of the reasons indicated, the interested party will be informed by reasoned decision, giving him a period of ten calendar days to present his allegations.

When the interested party has answered and the causes of inadmissibility are maintained, the final decision will be communicated.


The Customer Service Department may collect, in the course of processing the files, both the interested party and the different departments and areas of ICROWDHOUSE, as many data, clarifications, reports or evidence they deem relevant to make their decision.

Raid and withdrawal.

If, in view of the complaint or claim, ICROWDHOUSE rectifies its situation with the interested party to the satisfaction of the latter, it must be communicated in writing to the Customer Service Department. In this case, the complaint or claim will be filed without further processing.

Those interested may withdraw their complaints and claims at any time.

The withdrawal will result in the immediate completion of the procedure as far as the claim with the interested party is concerned.

Completion of the procedure and notification.

The file must be completed within a maximum period of two months, from the date on which the complaint or claim was submitted to the Customer Service Department.

The decision of the Customer Service Department will always be motivated and will contain clear conclusions about the request made in each complaint or claim, based on the contractual clauses, the current regulations regarding transparency and protection to the applicable clientele, as well as the Good practices and financial uses.

In the event that the decision departs from the criteria stated in similar files, reasons must be provided that justify it.

The decision will be notified to those interested within ten calendar days from its date by email. This notification must allow its own reading, as well as the printing and preservation of documents.

Annual report.

Annually, the Customer Service Department will present to the ICROWDHOUSE Administration Body an explanatory report on the performance of its function during the previous year, which should have the following minimum content:

  • Statistical summary of the complaints and claims attended, with information on their number, admission to processing and grounds for inadmissibility, motives and issues raised in the complaints and claims and amounts and amounts affected.
  • Summary of decisions made, indicating the favorable or unfavorable nature of the interested party.
  • The general criteria contained in the decisions.
  • The recommendations or suggestions derived from their experience, with a view to a better achievement of the purposes that inform their performance.

Approval and verification of the regulation for the defense of the client.

This Regulation for the Defense of the Client has been approved by the Administrative Body of ICROWDHOUSE, on October 1 on 2016.

Modification of the regulation for the defense of the client.

Any modification of these Regulations for the Defense of the Client must be made in writing and submitted to the approval and verification of the Management Body of ICROWDHOUSE.

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