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Information about promoters

Information about promoters

We are all unknown until we meet, so our intention is that you get to know our promoters as soon as possible, providing you with as much information as possible in a clear and transparent way.


The first thing to know who he is and what is his activity and main purpose. For this we provide you with the articles of incorporation, bylaws and corporate presentation.

Who is behind the company? Who manages it?

We identify the partners, beneficial owners and administrators. We also explain its organizational structure indicating the people with the most relevant positions including their profile on LinkedIn.

What is your financial situation?

We provide you with economic documentation of the company, either the Corporation Tax and / or Annual Accounts for the last fiscal year, as well as the latest available financial statements (Profits and Losses and Balance Sheet) and Certificate of being up to date with Social Security obligations ( TGSS) and Certificate certifying that they are up to date in compliance with tax obligations (AEAT).

Do you have experience in similar projects?

We also want to show you their experience by giving you information on the latest projects developed with images and main investment data.

What else can I know?

To learn more about the promoter, we will provide you with their social networks and links to their website and blog. Also, using our direct communication channels, you can always ask the promoter anything you need to know.

Does icrowdhouse review this information?

icrowdhouse reviews the information to verify that it is complete and sufficient for our investors.
icrowdhouse has implemented a risk rating system, which is applied to originators on the platform. These have a scale that goes from "A +" to "D", which represents the lowest and highest level of risk respectively.

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