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Your opinion is important

Not only for other investors but also for the developer.

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«It is the end of the consumer as we know it. In ten years, it will no longer exist. He will no longer define himself as a consumer, but as a Community member»

Rachel Botsman, author of What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption 2011

What does it consist of?

We display reviews to help investors invest with confidence and make useful information available to promoters to improve their investor relations. The more investors use this system and share their experiences, the more useful is the information we offer to investors and promoters themselves, generating more arguments to create a climate of trust between them.

Write a review

To write a review follow these simple steps:

Select the promoter you want to write a review about.
Within the corresponding section, select the number of stars you give it and write your experience.
Click submit review and share your experience.

When writing an opinion try to provide useful and constructive information and write in a detailed, specific and honest way.

Who can write a review?

All registered users can write an opinion, although the platform identifies if they have invested with that promoter and on how many occasions to give truth to their information.

Other Information

Write about your personal experience when you have had a real experience with that promoter, not that of another investor.
The promoter as well as other investors can report opinions. In this case, the opinion will be temporarily withdrawn to be analyzed based on the available documentation. Depending on the analysis, it will be published again or permanently deleted.

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