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Set up more than one company

Set up more than one company

Is it possible to register more than one company?

If possible. Click on add a new company profile and complete the data. You can add all those companies with which you want to invest.
Important for each company you must provide the data that empowers you to be able to invest on its behalf.

How is that usefull to me?

It will depend on your form and strategy when investing. There are people who use different companies depending on the risk, the type of asset, the type of investment, etc.
That is why we give the possibility of creating different companies so that you can have control of all of them and their investments under a single environment.
You will always be able to see your positions in a consolidated or separate way according to the selections in each panel.

How is it done?

To add a company follow this route: Know your costumer> Company data> Add new

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