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Documentation status

Document character

Document character

The nature of the document will mark whether or not it is mandatory.
Bear in mind that its character (*) may vary depending on our KYC, AML and investor protection processes.


Indicate that it is a mandatory document to validate your account.


Indicates that it is an optional document so it is not essential to validate your account (*).

Shipping status

Shipping status

The document status indicates whether the document has been sent successfully or not.


The document has been sent.


The document has not been sent.

Document status

Document status

Your document can present the following statuses:


Indicates that the document has not yet been sent.

In validation

It indicates that the document has been sent and that we are validating it. It takes us a maximum of 24 hours to verify the validity of a document.


Your document has been validated.


Your document has been rejected. You must attach a new valid document according to the specifications.

Timed out

The validation date of your document has expired. You must attach a new valid document.

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