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It is important to read this information before investing

Our terms and conditions

We recommend you read our terms and conditions that you accept when you use the website, which explain our services, our relationship with you as a user and the reciprocal rights and responsibilities.

Basic information you should know before investing.

By accepting our terms and conditions and / or using our services, you confirm that you understand and accept the risks associated with investing in projects related to real estate through iCrowdhouse, including, among others, the following:

  1. iCrowdhouse is a participatory financing platform that offers the possibility of investing through social participations in previously studied and analyzed societies.
  2. iCrowdhouse does not provide financial advice and nothing on this website should be construed as such. The information that appears on these pages is for general information purposes and does not constitute specific advice.
  3. Participatory financing projects published on the Website are not subject to authorization or supervision by the CNMV or the Bank of Spain or any other regulator, national or foreign. As well as the information provided by the promoter has not been reviewed by the National Securities Market Commission nor does it constitute an informational brochure approved by the National Securities Market Commission.
  4. The forecasts, and information presented are only business plans, and as such, may be different in the course of operations.
  5. iCrowdhouse is not an investment services company or a credit institution and is not attached to any investment or deposit guarantee fund. The activities of iCrowdhouse and the information offered on the website and on the platform should not be understood as recommendations of iCrowdhouse to carry out investments or financial advice.
  6. As an investor, you should know that in this type of investment there is a risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital, risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return and risk of illiquidity to recover your investment. Social shares are at risk of dilution, of not receiving dividends, of not being able to influence the management of the company and of the restrictions on free transferability inherent in its legal regime.
  7. The capital invested is not guaranteed by the investment guarantee fund or the deposit guarantee fund.
  8. Check our rates.

Measures taken to avoid conflicts of interest.

El Internal Code of Conduct iCrowdhouse determines situations of conflict of interest and establishes how to treat and manage them to avoid harming customers.

Mechanisms in case of cessation of activity.

In case of cessation of activity, all funds raised for projects not financed at 100% will be returned to the respective investors. Additionally, iCrowdhouse will assign the rights and obligations that it has in force to another participatory financing platform and / or administrative management company to ensure that the corresponding services continue to be provided until the obligations expire.

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