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Payment Entity

In compliance with the provisions of Article 52 of Law 5 / 2015, of 27 of April, of business finance promotion, iCrowdhouse, operates with an authorized payment entity.

All payments and financial movements made through our platform are outsourced to our financial partner MYTRIPLEA FINANCIACIÓN PFP, SL (trade name payArea), Payment Entity registered with the Bank of Spain with license 6869.

A payment institution provides payment services to its own clients or clients of third parties. Among others the reception, deposit or payment of funds. In Europe, these activities are regulated and subject to the supervision of central banks that seek to safeguard customer funds through measures that ensure the financial and operational stability of payment institutions, as well as the segregation of funds from customers

This means for our investors that their funds are deposited safely, in a segregated account of a financial entity. In this way it is ensured that the money of each investor is segregated from that of the other investors, as well as from icrowdhouse's own funds. In the same way, this means that the collections and payments on account of investors are subject to independent supervision by a regulated entity that is completely independent from icrowdhouse.

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