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"The crowdfunding, in the future, it will be the main way of financing of most of the small and medium business. "

Promoter fees


Rates in force 2021




Reception, selection and publication of participatory financing projects. (1)

Between 2% and 6%

On the amount contributed by our investors if the financing objective is reached

Analysis of participatory financing projects received. (two)

Between 300 € and 2.500 €

If the funding goal is reached

Advice to promoters in relation to the publication of the project on the platform. (3)

According to request and scope

According to agreement between the parties

Making available to the parties of the contract models necessary for participation in the projects. (4)

According to request and scope

According to agreement between the parties

According to request and scope

According to agreement between the parties

Advanced customization-amico

How do I communicate with the universe?

So that you can communicate with investors, icrowdhouse presents you with different options, analyze them and choose the one that best suits your business.

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(1) For reception, selection and publication of projects: This variable rate between 3% and 6% depending on the promoter and the project, is applied on the value financed of the project by investors only once and only if it is reached the project financing objective. That is, if it is not closed successfully, this commission will not accrue. The fee will be settled when the capital increase deed that gives investors entry into the promoter's capital is formalized before a Notary Public and the funds have been transferred to the promoter's account.

(2) Analysis of participatory financing projects received: This rate corresponds to the complete analysis, both by our own team and by an independent professional, of the project and the promoter to determine the viability of the project, the level of risk it implies for investors and any other variable that is useful for investors to make the investment decision. The reports derived from the analysis are published together with the rest of the project documentation on the platform. The cost, depending on the quality of the information received by the promoter, will range between € 300 and € 2.500 and will be billed only if the project's financing objective is reached. That is, if it is not closed successfully, this service will not be billed. The fee will be settled when the financing objective is reached.

(3) For advice in relation to the publication of the project on the platform: the promoter has the possibility of contracting this service, which includes the preparation of necessary documentation, under the conditions agreed between the parties through a service provision contract .

(4) By making available the necessary contract models for participation in the projects: the service will be provided according to an agreement between the parties. The amount will vary depending on the needs of the project. It will be applied at the time of making the aforementioned documentation available. Among others, it may be provided, at the request of the COLLABORATOR, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, model statutes, contracts for the sale of shares, contracts for adhesion to the shareholders' agreement, etc.

(5) The provision of remote communication channels for potential investors, investors and the promoter to contact each other directly before, during or after the actions that give rise to the financing of the promoter project.

The prices or rates detailed in the specific offer of products or services that are contracted are expressed as a tax base, to which the taxes in force at all times must be applied.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, icrowdhouse reserves the right to:

  • to modify the rates indicated above as long as it does not affect operations or projects whose period of obtaining financing has concluded;
  • to include new rates in relation to those services that, where appropriate, are determined by the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness or, with its express authorization, the National Securities Market Commission; Y
  • to launch offers and discounts on its website through which promoters can enjoy, for their benefit, promotions on application fees.
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