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My investments

What is an investment?

Once the financing process is successfully completed, the funds committed by the investors become invested and this implies that the funds are released to the promoter's wallet.

How is the investment formalized?

The formalization of the investment operation consists of:
Order to the payment entity to release the funds deposited in the promoter's Wallet to the promoter's personal bank account. The Funds will be blocked again without disposition capacity in the promoter's personal account until the points / requirements described below are met:

Issue the Bank Certificates where the contributions to the capital stock are credited (clearly stating the data and economic contribution of each partner).
In the approximate period of one week, the transaction is formalized by means of a public deed before a notary public and the registration of said public documents in the Mercantile Registry, after tax liquidation as well as any other contractually established registry.
Once the formalization has been completed, icrowdHouse will send a digitalized authentic copy of the formalized public deed and attached documentation to each of the investors.

Once the formalization is verified, the Promoter (together with ICrowdHouse) will present in his bank the Deed of Capital Increase registered in the Mercantile Registry so that the funds can be released, sending ICrowdHouse notice that the funds have been released.

Do I have to go to the notary?

No, all the investor's actions are done digitally through the platform.

Status of my investments

Status of my investments:

Once your investment is formalized, depending on the status of the financed project, your invested funds will be:

Inverted alive

They are the funds that you still have invested in a project. It occurs when the project is running.


They are the funds that have been returned to you. It can occur at the end of the project or as assets are liquidated.


In the event that a project is closed and you have not recovered the invested funds, the difference between the invested and the recovered would appear as lost.

You can access the full detail of your commitments at: Investment> My investments
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