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Out-of-control projects can turn good opportunities into bad

Control tools

A total control system over the execution of projects and evolution of your investments through a simple and intuitive control panel

State of affairs

Reports in real time, generated by the platform quickly and efficiently.
Information and control over the status of the project and your investment.

Capital stock and indebtedness

Information panel on shareholder composition.
Breakdown of existing debts in the project.

Cost control

Transparency in project costs (executed vs. initial budget).
Intuitive and interactive control panel.

Income control

Transparency in project income (entered vs planned).
Intuitive and interactive control panel.


Result of the project as its development evolves.
Quick visual system on the status of the project.

Divestment and dividends

Detail of the invested flows. Returns of capital and distribution of dividends.
Generation of the retention certificate for income from movable capital.
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