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Wallet at no cost

Wallet opening for free in our payment entity

I need a wallet

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a segregated account in an authorized payment entity. It is like a virtual portfolio with which you can manage your money virtually from the platform and make investments easily and safely at any time.

How is it created?

The wallet is created automatically and at no cost once you have completed the KYC process. The wallet can present 3 states depending on the documentation provided and the state of its validation.


KYC process pending or in validation.

You cannot deposit funds.
You cannot invest.
You cannot withdraw funds.


KYC process completed and validated.

You can deposit funds.
You can invest.
You cannot withdraw funds.


Bank account associated with your wallet.

You can deposit funds.
You can invest.
You can withdraw funds.


Yes, the creation of the wallet to operate in icrowdhouse is mandatory since Investors' money never passes through the icrowd balancehouse. Your money is in a segregated account belonging to a bank account, opened by the Payment Institution. In other words, we never receive, manage or accumulate Investor funds in compliance with the requirements of Law 5/2015, of April 27, on the promotion of business financing. For this we use an independent payment entity, authorized by the Bank of Spain, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency and security in all operations carried out through the platform.

How It Works

The Wallet basically works like a bag of money that you have available to invest. It is not possible to invest directly from your bank account in a project, first it is necessary that you transfer the funds you want to invest to the wallet and once it has been credited and appears as available on the platform, you can allocate it to the project you consider. The platform collects all the activity related to your wallet in the payment entity.

The main wallet operations are:

Deposit funds in your wallet by bank transfer or card.
Once the funds are credited, they will appear as an available balance. The balance is what you can use to invest.
Withdraw funds from the wallet to your bank account as a result of the returns generated by your investments or by those amounts that you have entered into it and have not invested.
It is important to associate a bank account with your Wallet even so it is not essential to be able to invest If it is necessary to be able to transfer the available balance of your Wallet when you indicate it to us This is a measure to guarantee that you are the beneficiary of the transfers since It will be to the associated account where your money will be transferred.

Money flow

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