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Consult the information panel

Check your statement of movements

Through this route, Investment> My Wallet> Operations> See movements, you will visually access the extract of your wallet.

What is a Wallet Statement?

El Wallet statement It is information that we offer you that collects all the balance movements that have occurred in the wallet account during a specific period.

What appears in a Wallet Statement?

With a Wallet statement, a list of the movements will appear where the following fields will be reflected for each one of them:

  • The date of the operation.
  • The concept of the movement, for example, a deposit from your account, an investment, a dividend, etc.
  • The amount of the transaction, whether it is negative or positive.
  • The available balance of the wallet.
What are the types of movements that appear in a Wallet Statement?

The two types of movements that you can see reflected in a Wallet statement they are the inputs and outputs.

Let's see what they mean the inputs:

  • Transfers received from your bank account
  • Tickets from your bank card
  • Entries for amounts divested
  • Dividend income
  • Other entries

While outputs They refer to:

  • Withholdings for investment in projects
  • Investment in projects
  • Transfers sent to your bank account
  • Other outings

View the status of your account

Through this route, Investment> My Wallet> Operations> View my Wallet panel, you will visually access the status of your bank account.
You will come across the following modules:

Graph by period or accumulated of your entries and exits.
Graph of the entries according to the type of movement.
Graph of the outputs depending on the type of movement.


Transfers from my bank account or tickets by bank card?

Yes, these movements come from the money you transfer from your personal account, either by bank transfer or bank card, to be able to invest. It can only be invested through the available balance in the Wallet.

What are withholdings for investment in projects?

The amount you have decided to invest will appear as the amount withheld while the financing round is open. Once the round is over, depending on the quantitative and temporal limits, the amount will become an investment in a project.

What are divested amounts and dividends?

It is the money that you receive in your wallet when the project promoter returns the capital you have invested (divestment) and when the profits that have been generated (dividends) are paid to you.

Transfers sent to my bank account?

It is when you decide to withdraw the available balance that you have in your wallet to your personal bank account.

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