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Associated bank account

Associate a bank account with my Wallet

Is it necessary to associate a bank account to be able to invest?


Why is it necessary to associate a bank account with my wallet?

It is necessary when you want to transfer funds from your wallet to your bank account. This is a measure to guarantee that you are the beneficiary of the transfers since it will be to the associated account where your money will be transferred.

How do I associate a bank account?
You must access the platform and follow the following route to be able to operate with your Wallet and associate a bank account: Investment> My Wallet> Operations> Manage my associated bank account 
What information or documentation do I need?

We need to know the account number (IBAN) with which you are going to operate and to verify it a bank document (bank certificate, receipt, copy of the first page of your book, etc.) where the full IBAN number and your ownership are stated.

Is it possible to modify my associated bank account?

If possible, you only need to repeat the process you did to associate the account the first time.

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