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If you don't know where to start, we offer you our help in the way you choose. To begin, we leave you a brief guide of what you should do to start getting more out of your money by investing in real estate projects with real estate crowdfunding.


How It Works


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This step will allow you to access the platform and benefit from all our services.

It only takes a few seconds and you will be able to access all the information!

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Create your icrowdhouse Account at cost 0

To start investing in our opportunities, you must provide your personal data and a copy of your identity document so that we can validate your identity as an investor.

It's really quick and easy!


I want to start investing

With your icrowdhouse account activated you can start investing.

You have two options:

Keep in mind that the money you transfer to your icrowdhouse Account to invest in the opportunities will take a minimum of 24 hours to show a transfer made in your wallet. For this we use the services of a payment entity specialized in providing secure payment services.

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In this way your money is available immediately and you will not have to wait to invest.


Invest in different types of Opportunities

Learn about the different types of opportunities we have at icrowdhouse, choose the one that best suits your investment strategy and remember, diversify as much as you can.

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Real estate projects for sale

This type of opportunity consists of buying real estate to reform, building in the event that it is new construction and selling to obtain the generated capital gains.

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Real estate projects for rent

This type of opportunity consists of the purchase of real estate to reform and put up for rent. Thus, stable and long-term recurring income is obtained.


Manage and control your investments to the maximum

icrowdhouse offers you a solution that simplifies and automates your real estate investment, before, during and after your investment.

Through our ich.management service integrated into the platform, you will be able to control the execution of the project, your investments, as well as the relationship with your partners and the promoter. Without displacements or complications.

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Want to know more?

People with common interests that unite.

From € 500, a group of investors joins forces to participate in a real estate project, obtaining a monetary return in return.

Through a technological platform.
Easily accessing real estate projects.
Led by a promoter with experience and commitment.

If one day you have to stop, let your income not. Find out how we can help you

The time has come to start getting more out of your money. With the help of simple tools, and without the need to be an expert promoter, you can start planning your investments with very little money.

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