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Our technology

IRM (Investors Relationship Management)

The Next Level of Innovation in Real Estate Investing

icrowdhouse allows you to digitally administer and manage all workflows, extending digitization and automation to the entire real estate investment cycle.

3 in 1. Everything in one place!

Simplicity for investors.
Access opportunities.

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& Investment

Easy for promoters.
Access financing.

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Presentation of projects
& Financing

Control for partners.
Know what is happening.

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Project execution
& Relationship between partners

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If you are a promoter ...

So that you can communicate with investors, icrowdhouse presents you with different options so that you can benefit from our technology, analyze them and choose the one that best suits your business.

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Are you interested in scheduling a demo and discover the full potential of our software?

Whether you are an investor or a promoter, we will be happy to give you an online demo of our solution so that you become familiar with it.

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