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Real estate crowdfunding

What is real estate crowdfunding?

People with common interests that unite.

From € 500, a group of investors joins forces to participate in a real estate project, obtaining a monetary return in return.

Through a technological platform.
Easily accessing real estate projects.
Led by a promoter with experience and commitment.

If one day you have to stop, let your income not. Find out how we can help you

The time has come to start getting more out of your money. With the help of simple tools, and without the need to be an expert promoter, you can start planning your investments with very little money.

How It Works


With real estate crowdfunding we make the complicated easy. Thanks to technology, anyone who wants to invest in real estate projects, has extensive knowledge or just a vague idea, can do so without displacement or complications.

A promoter is looking for partners to support him financially in order to develop his project. The task is usually complicated since the dependence is on large capital, which is hardly accessible in itself, and in case of access many times it is not the time or its strategy is not aligned with that of the promoter. Through crowdfunding the promoter expands its options by accessing a much larger community. How?. Presenting your project through our website, accessible to everyone. Technology is essential when managing an investor group, in itself larger than in traditional investment.

On the other hand an investor seeks to get a return on your money and for this you need to look for and analyze opportunities, which requires time and on many occasions, if you need the collaboration of a third party, money. Once you decide to invest, the amounts are high and inaccurate and diversification is low. Through our crowdfunding platform, where you create an account and the services you receive are at a cost of € 0you can access opportunities and all your information without any effort and knowing that they have been analyzed by our team and by external professionals. If you are interested you can invest from € 500, which allows greater control over their disbursements and greater diversification. It also allows investors with limited resources to access real estate investment.

If the investor's objectives are aligned with those of the promoter, the «Match» is produced.

The objective is to achieve the "Matches" necessary to achieve the financing objective proposed by the promoter so that the promoter has the financing it needs to develop the project and investors obtain an attractive monetary return on their investment.

If you want to be part, it's that simple

Being part of real estate crowdfunding is very simple with icrowdhouse, you just have to:

Provide us with your personal data.
Attach your identity document.

Would you like to earn more for your money?


If you decide to invest with icrowdhouse you can do it from € 500 in projects with high returns.

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