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Alone we can do little, together we can do much

I want to invest

First of all...

First Steps

To start investing in icrowdhouse, first of all you must complete the following steps:

Analyze your options

When investing, icrowdhouse provides you with detailed information about the project and the developer. Analyze to be able to make the best of your options.

Check your available balance

If you have already decided in which project to invest, you only have to determine the amount you want to commit to this project. Once you have done so, verify that the available balance of your wallet is equal to or greater than that amount. If not, you must transfer the necessary funds to your wallet.
It is only possible to invest through the balance of your Wallet, so if this is 0 or less than the amount you want to invest, you must first load your wallet for the desired amount.

You are ready to start investing ...

Investment process

The investment process is very simple since the platform itself will guide you throughout the process.

My commitments

While the project is in financing, your investment will appear as a commitment. Once the financing process has been successfully completed, your commitment will become an investment, otherwise it will go to your available balance.

My investments

Through our information panels you can control and monitor your investments. icrowdhouse It is designed for you to move quickly and find what you need in seconds.

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