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Investment process detail

Select investor profile

The first thing that the platform will ask you to do is indicate with which investor profile you want to invest.
This is important if you have more than one active profile (for example, an individual or another with a company).

Amount to invest

You must indicate the amount you want to invest. Take into account the following aspects:

If you are accredited, the platform will not limit the amount of your investment.
If you are not accredited, the platform will limit the amount of your investment to € 3.000, as long as it does not exceed € 10.000 invested in a 12-month period.
In no case may the amount of your investment exceed your available balance.
The investment may not be less than the minimum ticket established in the project.

Investor contribution

Remember that the contribution made must follow the following steps:

a) Payment by:

-Accumulated balance in the investor's account-portfolio (wallet) in ICrowdHouse, when such funds exist.

b) Charge in your wallet-account, when there are no funds through:

- Credit or debit card.
- Bank transfer (to be made effective within a maximum period of 48 hours by order of the investor to your bank).

Verify data

All your data will be detailed as well as the amount you want to invest so that you can verify that everything is correct.

Adhesion contract

You must state that you agree with the provisions of the project documentation as well as with the agreements that are established to acquire shares in the company.

Prior communication

You will be informed of the risks about the investment you want to make, which you must understand and accept.

Validation code

A code will be sent to you from the payment entity to validate your request. You must copy and paste it in the corresponding box to confirm it.

Signature of documents

You must sign the adhesion to the partner agreement and other agreements through our authorized digital signature system whose provider is Signaturit.
This information will always be available in the project documentation section, so that you can validate it before making any type of investment commitment.

Investment made

You will be informed that the process has been completed successfully. On the same screen you can download the support for your investment as well as the adherence to the partner agreement and other agreements. You will also receive this last document by mail.


Your investment will appear as a commitment until the financing objective is reached, only then will it be considered an investment.

And remember…

Diversifying is the secret of a good investment. By spreading the capital between different projects, the possible losses of one project could be offset by the possible gains of others.

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