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What is triple balance?

Triple Balance means development, responsibility, sustainability, management, measurement, decision-making, balance… Although there is no broad consensus regarding its definition, the strategic intention of any business, from the sector, whether digital or not, operating in a broad or very specific market, to maximize its contribution to sustainable development.

As dominant actors in the world economy, companies contribute to the sustainability of their environment or their degradation. They play an important role in the search for solutions to generate employment, minimize social inequalities or curb the impacts of climate change. They constitute the most effective means to overcome the ecological, social and economic crisis, from people and for people, in their ecosystem, wherever they are.

The Triple Balance is a system of measurement, accounting, control and monitoring, dissemination, and a good model to see if we contribute to meet the needs and desires of people in your ecosystem.
For ICrowdHouse in the broad sense, the Triple Balance is the set of values, challenges and processes necessary to create economic, social and ecological value ... at the same time. The impact of any business activity is threefold. The economic return sought is closely related to the well-being of people and the health of the planet.

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