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Icrowd agent: the opportunity to convert a property into your AVE FENIX

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is ​​a long-lived bird that regenerates from the ashes of its predecessor. Due to its rebirth from destruction, the Phoenix has become a symbol of strength, purification and rebirth. This legend teaches us a clear message: Rise from the ashes, reinvent and revalue yourself. And like all legend, we try to replicate these messages to our beloved worldly planet.

That is why we ask ourselves, How many times have we seen homes, in deplorable conditions, that could become authentic AVE FENIX? But what do we mean exactly? We refer to those homes, commercial premises and / or properties that could be sold in record time simply if small reforms are carried out. We are talking about the well-known operation of: BUY - REFORM - SELL in order to revalue, reposition and earn money.

We want to encourage Real Estate Agents to have their own AVE FENIX. And we provide all the tools to do so: We launched AGENT ICROWD.

The icrowd Agent will be an agent selected by icrowdhouse that will be able to complement its traditional activity of buying and selling real estate with these purchase-reform-sale operations that will be financed through the same platform. In your regular activity as a real estate agent or franchisee, you can incorporate this new business unit that will allow you to increase your income up to 5 times. Yes, you read it right. This operation will multiply by five the income that you obtain in a traditional purchase-sale.

Surely you ask yourself, how do I earn money? Simple. The process is as follows: Once you identify the property to reform, you will receive a commission for achieving that first sale. Then, you will receive fees for managing the reform and directing it, if possible. And in turn, you will receive a commission for the new sale of the revalued property, which will be more appetizing with its new sale price. And that's not all, another of the great novelties of the icrowd Agent launch is that it does not imply any cost for the Agent who wants to be one.

From icrowdhouse, we are present with the Agent from the moment they find or have the home to be renovated and we accompany them until said revalued home is marketed without incurring any cost that limits their flow of money.

Absolutely all commissions are to success!

The novelty of Agent icrowd's launch couldn't have come at a better time: We've brought back the very first AVE FENIX!

The financing round for the reform of a house in Castellón has recently been closed. More than 20 investors have had the experience of investing in the reform of Barranquet 4 in a fast, safe and simple way. In just 6 months, investors will be receiving their return of 13%.

Have you been wanting to invest with us? Don't worry and stay tuned:
Soon you will be seeing many BIRDS FLY!


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