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PropTech and FinTech blogs that you should not miss.

The term FinTech covers both financial companies that apply innovative technologies to offer innovative financial services, as well as companies also called TechFin, which come from the technology sector and that extend their business to the financial sector. The real estate sector for its part is also experiencing its own technological revolution with the emergence in the Real Estate market of the so-called PropTech.

The term PropTech refers to companies that use new technologies to innovate and add value to the real estate sector, it is noteworthy that many of the advances that occur in the FinTech sector are being transferred to the PropTech sector.

These two phenomena are evolving continuously and very quickly, to follow these advances, we have made a selection of specialized blogs on this subject.

PropTech Blogs

  • Contechproptech.nl Dutch blog on technology applied to real estate, managed by the company Holland ConTech & PropTech, which encourages the meeting between companies in the real estate sector and startups with digital technology applicable to the sector.

  • CREtech periodically publishes news about technological solutions applied to the Commercial Real Estate sector, content from experts in the field and a list of CREtech events in the United States. On the website you have a complete directory of startups related to CREtech.

  • Datare.blogInteresting real estate data analysis blog as information support for real estate experts

  • Futureproptech.co.ukIt publishes articles on the PropTech situation in various countries and information on industry meetings.

  • Jamesdearsley.co.uk James is a recognized expert in PropTech, he participates as a speaker in the main international events of the sector, in his blog he publishes articles that are structured according to the following theme:

    • Virtual and augmented reality applied to Real Estate
    • Future technology in construction
    • Big Data in real estate
    • Smart technology and Real Estate
    • FinTech and the real estate sector
    • Diverse technology applied to Real Estate
    • PropTech influencers
    • PropTech news

  • Propertytechnology.es Blog about Real Estate Marketing and PropTech, made by Víctor López Pradera, digital marketing professional and specialist in web positioning and advertising for real estate companies.

  • Proptech.de written by Nikolai Roth, General Director of the German Real Estate Maklaro platform, writes about developments, innovations and trends in PropTech.

  • Proptech.es Platform for the PropTech sector, in its “news” section, they present the different trends in the sector.

  • PropTechlatam.com It is the entity that has organized the first PropTech meeting in Latin America and the company that manages the event has also made the first PropTech map of the region. His blog is specialized in Real Estate technology and innovation news and interviews with specialists and executives of PropTech companies.

  • Real-estate-innovation.net/en/blog/. It is a platform created for the exchange of ideas between startups, companies, experts and investors in the Real Estate sector. The blog gives information on the events that take place in the field of innovation in Real Estate.

FinTech Blogs

  • Asociacionfintech.es It is from the FinTech and Insurtech Association, in the news section of the web, the main novelties of the sector are described. The main events and statistics of the Sector are also detailed on the website.

  • Fintechspain.com News and reports on FinTech in Spain and interviews with executives of the sector and calendar of events.

  • Fintechblog.org It is the FinTech blog developed by the Center for Technology and Society of the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires, which studies the impact of new technologies on financial services. The blog monitors the legal regulations of the sector in different countries, and the news that occurs.

  • Enfintech.com Comparator of Crowdfunding and FinTech, with news about the current affairs of the sector.

  • Noticiasbancarias.com Banking, finance and economics news website, with a dedicated blog on the latest FinTech events.

  • Finnovating.com Strategic advisory consultant in FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and PropTech, creator of the first FinTech and PropTech startup map. Publish news and events from the 4 Tech sectors.

  • Finanzarel.com Alternative financing platform, invoice advance and discount of promissory notes aimed at companies and freelancers, they publish news about financial solutions and business promotion on their blog.

  • Jordiros.net He has a degree in ADE and a trader with automatic systems in financial systems, in his blog you write about crowdlendig.

  • Sherpafinanciero.com José María Casero is a financial advisor and is the founder of this blog that writes about Crowdlending and FinTech.
  • Elblogsalmon.com Blog dedicated to economics and finance and writes on topics related to financial products and alternative financing.
  • Bankingtech.com It is an English digital publishing platform that publishes daily international news and expert analysis and commentary on FinTech
  • Fintechlegalreport.com Provides news about legal developments in the US, affecting innovative companies that use financial technology
  • CREOutsider.com Blog written by the American Chris Clark, an information technology consultant, who writes posts on topics related to commercial technology applied to real estate.

From Icrowdhouse Our objective is to offer up-to-date and quality information on all those aspects related to the PropTech and FinTech sector, facilitating access to knowledge in Spanish of this revolution that has been taking place in recent years in the real estate and financial sector.


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