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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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    How to attract foreign investment for your real estate development after the uncertainty generated by the covid? If you are a real estate developer, with icrowdhouse you can have access to that financing to later convert investors into buyers of the asset. Two in one!.


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    The icrowdhouse method of attracting alternative financing in equity allows safe access for foreign investors in Spain. It is not necessary for them to be residents, it is not necessary to go to the notary to deed the capital increase, you only have to go to the developer.

    ICH offers collaboration agreements with two leading companies in the sector, so that the investor who needs the foreign NIE to invest can do so without leaving his home, whether in Europe or outside Europe, for individual investors or for investment companies. These collaborators do all the necessary administrative procedure from Spain with the Public Administration. Important: ICH only presents two possible alternatives, without obligation and without any lucrative interest in the operation, we just want to make it easy.

    And all this because Spain is a country of investor interest in real estate projects. We know that many foreigners want to invest in visible quality promotions on our platform.

    The real estate developer, thanks to our Saas Crowd can attract investors for its ecosystem. With this, it manages not to pay ICH the fees for attracting the investment that its investors make in their projects, minimizing the costs of attracting them and achieving its own recurring investment ecosystem for its projects.

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    And this collection can be directed to specific areas outside of Spain. If, as a promoter, for example, I am interested in attracting investors from Oslo (Norway), I can run a campaign on social networks and media, to offer the project to the Norwegians. In this way, the future partner of the legal entity of the project is Norwegian, the capital does not understand flags or languages.

    And why might the developer be interested in attracting investors from Oslo? Because the area and type of housing that you are building has an attraction for this market, be it effect or interest in the beach area of ​​Malaga, climate or quality of life. The developer knows that there is a huge interest from Norwegians from Oslo in her project, and she wants to sell the houses in Oslo, because she has a faster and more profitable exit.

    The search indicators for buying a home on the coast are increasing after the period of confinement by Covid-19, for examples such as the implementation of teleworking is allowing people to live in warmer places with a higher quality of life.

    But I have not answered the question. What does the investor have to do with the buyer? The answer is a lot, it has an intimate relationship. 

    Without icrowdhouse, the developer has to carry out a campaign to attract the final buyer in Oslo, but with icrowdhouse it can carry out the same campaign to attract the final buyer, who may first be its own investor. Two in one!

    Attracting investors who can become buyers allows from the initial moment of the project to have the asset sale. It's like a dream come true. Thanks to ICH, its legal security and its technology, the dream can come true.

    It can be complicated in these times of pandemic for the potential buyer to visit Malaga to buy, but it is easier for them to be an investor in the project without a purchase commitment (investor only) and to be able to acquire a more advantageous purchase option when this pandemic allows them to see the phase of work "in situ", because it already tracks the photos and videos through the platform, as an ICH investor.

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    Participatory Financing Platform authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) in accordance with Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing. Registered with the number 22 in the Register of Participatory Financing Platforms of the CNMV.

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