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We improve the relationship between investors and promoters.

How do we improve the relationship between an investor and a promoter through a digital Saas? Very easy!

The relationship of an investor with the developer who executes the real estate project tends to be intense and complex. Mainly, because, on the one hand, the investor is demanding with the information he needs to be able to monitor his investment. On the other hand, because the promoter has to "deal" with investors who force him to maintain a lot of contact and communication to report indicators, resolve doubts and questions, and, above all, have a continuous channel of interaction.

Saas technology can help a lot in this interaction. Its objective is not to eliminate human contact, but it does manage to eliminate noise and tasks that can be common and general for all investors, and leave the little time available for personal contact, in order to consolidate and consolidate trust between the two parts.

We could say that it would be solved with an organized reporting system, and that a Saas system is not necessary, but the extraordinary part of a saas solution is that the investor who has an investment portfolio in the ICH will have the same format and monitoring indicators regardless of the promoter running the project. And we, from ICH, ensure that no indicator is missing without an excess of data. We know that information overload is sometimes misinformation. We turn the project follow-up action into a simple, easy and rewarding task, providing a lot of control and trust value.

To be more specific, we can go into the matter and explain what values ​​it brings to the investor, and that consequently it minimizes the administrative management of the promoter by incorporating the information only once in its saas and automatically all investors visualize it their website.

How we improve the relationship between an investor and a promoter through a very easy digital saas icrowdhouse

To begin with, the investor will be able to see the fundamental aspect of the investor-promoter relationship, which is the evolution of the proposed profitability. Being able to monitor the costs and income monthly, according to all the items and comparing it with the initial proposal, this way you will see how the profitability approaches the proposed initial expectation, with this you will not be able to have final scares, and for better or worse, you will know with total transparency the path of the profitability of your capital. This point is fundamental in the relationship, since the proactive and continuous information avoids conflicts and upsets.

Being a real estate project, there is nothing better than being able to see the evolution of the project with images and videos. The saying goes: "a picture is better than a thousand words." Therefore, the promoter uploads the images and videos of the work in their saas and all investors / partners see it when they enter their website.

A sticking point in the relationship between project partners is the shareholders' meetings. At ICH we can celebrate them with a webinar and recorded system to deliver the message to members. It also has a voting system on the platform. The weight of the vote to the percentage of shares that the partner has. This will be reflected in order to see the final results and act in your notification center.

Another help from the saas: every investor has to make their income statement and needs the promoter's tax report. This management on the platform is automatic. It allows the investor to download it whenever he wants without having to wait for the promoter's time. What an easy way to eliminate noise and fiction, if there are delays!

The relationship with the partner of a project often leads to having to formalize documents and sign them to be able to continue with the next milestones of the project, this step, which seems simple when the promoter has to pursue the signatures, can become an ordeal. that not having 100% does not allow progress, well with the ICH solution this step is solved thanks to the integration of our digital signature system. In this way, the promoter can send the document to all the personalized partners with a single action, and the partner will only have to digitally sign it on the platform, and that's it.

Thanks to our chat and email, the investor can communicate digitally with the promoter, the rest of the project partners and, if he wishes, with the rest of the investment community, if he deactivates the “anonymous” option. Talking on the phone every day costs more, so you can use chat to eliminate noise and email to record. The platform's notification center allows the investor to have all the communication registered by project and by promoter, without bothering him with emails to his personal email. All the documents associated with the project are available and classified, so you don't have to download documents to your computer if you don't want to, something very similar to our user experience in online banking.

And, finally, when the project is closed, the promoter performs the dissolution of the legal entity and informs on the platform, proceeding to the return of capital and dividends with the legal documents so that the investor does not have to move from his home and can invest in another project or withdraw the funds.

100% digital from start to finish, favoring that the human part and the direct contact between the investor and the promoter is really to add value. We already do the rest at ICH thanks to our Saas.


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