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Big Data on the PropTech Map.

As we already know, the PropTech (Property Technology), is an activity sector made up of a series of Startups, which use new technologies to innovate and add value to the real estate sector. In the American market, the terms RETech (Real Estate Technology) or CRETech (Commercial Real Estate Technology) are more commonly used.

In March 2017, the real estate consultancy Aguirre Newman and the strategic consultancy Finnovatic specialized in Fintech, Insurtech, RegTech and Proptech, created and published the first map with the main PropTech startups in Spain. They began by identifying 58 companies and in the last revision of the map, in November of this year, they have already reached 236 Companies.

Verticals in the Sector PropTech

The PropTech map is organized into 10 verticals according to the activity of startups in the real estate sector and grouped as follows:

the big data on the map of the proptech icrowdhouse 3

    • Portals and Marketplaces: Web platforms on which offers for the sale and rental of real estate assets are published, with search engines to locate them online depending on the type of property, its characteristics, geographical area, price, etc.
    • Peer to Peer (P2P): Platforms in which property owners can sell and / or rent them by directly contacting them without the need for intermediaries. Even allowing to process transactions over the internet.
    • Big Data: Technology that manages a large amount of data to obtain a more exact knowledge of the real estate sector, market analysis, valuations, risks, etc.
    • Domotics: Automation of systems in buildings to improve energy efficiency, safety and comfort.
    • Collective investment platforms or crowdfunding: From which money contributions can be made online for the acquisition of real estate assets, in order to obtain a return through the sale and / or rental of them, and that allows diversifying investments, by being able to make very low monetary contributions , which in some cases can be from € 50.
    • Real estate management: Companies that create software, for the management and accounting of properties, the management of vacation rental reservations, services to tenants, property maintenance, cleaning services, etc.
    • Mortgage financing: Startups with applications and software for the comparison and online search of the mortgages of the different financial institutions, as well as simulations to calculate them.
    • Virtual reality: This vertical is made up of companies that design and carry out virtual tours and 3D representations of real estate assets.
    • Real Estate Software: Software companies for the management of real estate companies and their commercial teams through process automation.
  • Real Estate Marketing: It is made up of companies that implement digital marketing methodologies to the real estate sector.

BigData in the PropTech Sector

In the PropTech Map, the vertical Big Data, it is made up of a total of 28 companies and is subdivided into four categories: Appraisal / Valuation Tools, Geolocation, Analysis / Research and Rating.

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  • Tools and Valuation: Technologies that by means of BiG Data and the use of various algorithms, which take into account the main and various variables that characterize the Real Estate sector, allow to determine online and at any time, updated real estate valuations from the study of data from Similar offers in the area published on the different real estate portals. Evolution of prices by cities, neighborhoods and even by streets and portals, or online comparisons of budgets for property appraisal requests.

Madiva, Urban data analytics, Third b,, Iberotasa, Realo, PriceHoods, Qasa,, Homeprice, Datavenue, Rentger, Higuests, Fing Sign, Valoris

  • Geolocation: Geographic Information Systems, which help to locate and determine the ideal places for the development of real estate developments based on a target audience and their purchasing power, the type of land, or the comparative appraisals and valuations of assets by area . They also help end customers to assess the acquisition of a home not only for the price and characteristics of the same, but also based on the public transport in the area, the situation and type of schools, or the type of shops that there are public or private car parks, etc.

betterplace, dotGIS, Geoblink, Carto, InAtlas, InAtlas, Mocha

  • Analysis / Research: Search engines for the selection of existing real estate offers, which are adjusted to the needs established by users interested in buying real estate, depending on the area, the characteristics and the price of the property. Also included in this category are Softwares with predictive systems based on algorithms and using image processing, which allow analyzing the flow of customers in shopping centers, to determine, for example, the best location of the premises based on the analysis of flows of people and their behavior patterns.

Restb, Shoppermotion, Cubelizer, Canayticals, propbytec, Belbex

  • Rating: Real estate raiting platforms that allow through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, analyze and determine the risks associated with real estate activities and that help investors to make decisions when undertaking investment projects or real estate divestments.



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