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The first step to create your investment club

Icrowdhouse offers you all the necessary technology to be able to manage your investor club and present your projects to finance. Thanks to our IRM (Investor Relationship Management), you will be able to make easy what seems difficult, within a regulated framework with authorization from the CNMV and a payment gateway licensed by the Bank of Spain.

You may already have a group of investors or potential investors who on many occasions have shown interest in investing in your project. They will be the first to access the software that we provide you with your look & feel, and they can independently register in the application documenting the information necessary to create their investor profile. In this way you can now centralize the management of current investors in your application.

However, in order to expand this Investor Club, you must follow a series of steps. We tell you the first one below.

1. Convert your CRM into IRM

We do not literally propose that you convert your CRM into IRM, “I” for investor, we propose that you use your entire database of clients and prospects to propose them to enter your exclusive Club Deal. This means that you write to all of them by email inviting them to enter and register, informing them that there is no cost to register, or to register as an investor, nor will they pay any cost for making transactions in your investments. The investor has cost 0.

Let's take a graphic example. A promoter has a database of 20.000 contacts, clients and people who have contacted each other in the last 10 years. All of them are potential retail investors who can invest anywhere from € 500 to € 100.000 in a project. Let's think that after a good presentation of the proposal, for example, a 2-minute video with the invitation, 1.000 potential investors are registered. Once they have registered and are validated as investors, they can now view the projects and invest in them.

We propose that when the promoter already has a project under study, they inform their Club of the basic investment data of the project they are studying, therefore, so that they are already advancing the proposal with time. When the promoter uploads the project to the platform, each and everyone can already access 100% of the information, having all the documentation in the application to make the decision to invest or not. We imagine that it achieves an acceptance of 500 investors with an average investment of € 2.000, since that promoter has already achieved the million euros it needed in the financing round.

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