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The second step to create your investment club

In the last article we told you about the first step to start creating your own Club Deal in Icrowdhouse: converting your CRM into IRM. In this second part, we tell you the following actions that you must follow in order to have all your investors in one place.

2. Monetize your website traffic

When you have the project under study or in the financing round, we suggest that on your website you can include the investment file in the Investors Club section, so that you can not only show it to your Club, but also get more interested in entering the Club. Thanks to a presentation tab and a simple landing page, you can expand your Club due to the traffic you currently have on your website, since you will be getting new investor registrations day by day, without much effort.

3. Online marketing campaigns

The capillarity of the retail market allows you to use all social networks and communication media to be able to extend your Investment Club in your locality and the locality where you carry out the project. According to your own marketing strategy, you can use your reputation and good name to advertise your investment proposal online and channel interested parties to your application where they will register autonomously and securely, thus expanding your Club and your financing capacity.

4. Acquisition of Investment with conversion into Client

Depending on the type of asset and project, we also suggest that you launch a sales promotion campaign before marketing. Thus, an investor may become the final buyer himself if he meets the conditions of the offer.

For example, if the coastal project is intended for a second residence for foreigners, mainly Germans, advance the marketing campaign in Germany and propose to be investors first. If they later want to buy it, present the main advantages of being a partner in the project: "If you invest more than € 50.000 in the project, you get a 5% discount on the final price if you sign the pre-sale contract before the commercial launch." In this way, it is possible to convert investors into future clients.

5. Newsletter

We inform our entire network of clients of the best practices, thanks to a monthly newsletter, in which we share new and innovative formulas for attracting investors. Thus, we all win.

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