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Financing is not a matter for a few.

Financing a real estate project without depending on large funds and traditional bank loans? It is already possible thanks to participatory financing platforms such as icrowdhouse.

The dependence on financing for real estate developments will always be necessary because the costs (mainly land and construction) are very high and financial muscle is required. Only small and very special promotions, for example, with the insured sale, land owned may not depend on financing.

But it is very important to analyze the degree of dependency, since this allows you to be more free in decisions, to negotiate, not to have to demonstrate high percentages of pre-sales or to minimize the impact of "Project Monitoring". In short, if you go to negotiate with a bank the mortgage with a high percentage of the costs covered by your own resources, you will be better treated than if you go with the minimum. The negotiating position changes dramatically.

This is exactly what icrowdhouse offers you. It provides you with the necessary resources so that you have a comfortable negotiating position. The method is in equity, so for the bank it is partner capital and, therefore, less risk. We only need the promoter to be a reference in the sector and for the project to be viable, as well as validated by us: with these basic requirements, the promoter chooses the percentage of capital increase of his legal entity of the project and achieves, thanks to icrowhouse, the capital needed. All this on a recurring and 100% digital basis.

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