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    Hermes messages Have you inherited an apartment with other members of ...

    Have you inherited an apartment with other members of your family and you don't know what to do with it? At icrowdhouse we can help you.


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    If the apartment requires important reforms for subsequent sale / rental and you do not want to mortgage it and / or you do not have unanimity in the necessary capital contributions, we suggest that you contact a client of ours with Saas of alternative financing management in Equity. We will give you a list of API clients and you choose who manages you what I explain below.

    Perform a certified entity appraisal of the apartment and then create a legal entity SL to transfer the asset. As said entity only has this asset and 100% of the share capital is the floor according to the appraisal, each heir member will have the exact percentage of the company according to the will.

    Our API client will recommend the final destination of the asset:

    1. Refurbish to sell
    2. Reform for tourist rental
    3. Refurbish for conventional rental

    In any case, it will be the decision of the Board of Members. Let's not forget that you already have shares in a Company, which will also allow you to buy and sell shares between you.

    You have inherited a flat with other members of your family and you don't know what to do with it at icrowdhouse we can help you icrowdhouse 1

    In any case, a significant investment must be made in Capex (reform and taxes) depending on the final destination and quality of the reform. The total amount of Capex will be the capital increase of the SL, so that you do not contribute capital (whoever wants to can do it) but you have to dilute your participation in an SL that in addition to having greater share capital has been able to maximize the value thanks to the reform to be carried out.

    How do we help you? Icrowdhouse will provide you with the necessary capital thanks to its investors, who will view the project on the Platform and will be able to analyze the feasibility study of the project previously validated by us. 

    100% of the operation is digital, being able to see the status of the reforms on the platform, being able to participate in the Shareholders' Meetings and vote digitally, receiving the tax report of the investment through the platform and being able to carry out the settlement and distribution dividend to withdraw the capital. 

    Although the 5 heirs are each living on a different continent, everything is done in the same 100% digital way, with authorization from the CNMV and with total transparency.

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    Participatory Financing Platform authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) in accordance with Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing. Registered with the number 22 in the Register of Participatory Financing Platforms of the CNMV.

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