The two realities.

2018 BARCELONA Vision


What we visualized a few years ago regarding the impact of e-commerce has been confirmed and has even exceeded our expectations and that is that the digital age has seduced us all since we ourselves have overcome and overcome our personal resistance to the use of the new technologies.

The digital age has seduced us all.

As regards real estate, the hiring of logistics warehouses to provide a solution to the growing demand for online products is transforming our environment:

  • Transformation of the hiring of spaces: turnkey, finalist land
  • Transformation of the construction typology of the buildings for such use.
  • Transformation of the internal processes of the activity.
  • Transformation of the increasingly qualified workforce.
  • Transformation of the environment in which these spaces are located.
  • Transformation of infrastructures that connect with cities.

The reading of the 2017 financial year with respect to the previous years 2016, 2015 and even 2014 continues to offer a tinge of optimism regarding the benefits of the sector since this year we will be in line with the 500.000m² of logistics absorption in Catalonia, mainly located in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and other strategic points located in the province of Tarragona.

The already known shortage of built and quality product has made it easier for some promoters to take a first step and build at risk, a bet that may be risky but safe in the face of unsatisfied demand from operators that cannot adapt to extended delivery dates.

The growing demand for online products is transforming our environment.

the two icrowdhouse realities

On the other hand, in recent years we have seen an increase in turnkey projects, projects that have been consolidated due to the shortage of products that meet suitable characteristics for said activity. Given the increasing pace of logistics, mainly promoted by the improvement of macroeconomic indicators, the change in consumption habits and the growth of the e-commerce sector, developers and investors have opted for the development of new logistics spaces, this being a sector key to our economy.

But alongside this growth there is a clear claim by promoters, investors and logistics operators towards public institutions, a claim with the aim of consolidating the sector by providing investments in infrastructures that guarantee coexistence between industrial and logistics parks with the center of the municipality and the main communication routes.

Claim for a physical proximity of the new logistics spaces through new connections, claim for a remodeling of those consolidated industrial spaces and many of them obsolete, claim for a release of land capable of housing new economic projects, these being the engine of the creation of jobs work increasingly related to technology and design.

At this time we live in two realities, on the one hand the new virtual reality hand in hand with everything that has promoted the digital age for which the concept of time does not exist, and on the other hand the reality of the obvious that limits us due to the physical existence of borders that slows down the concept of time.

Claim by promoters, investors and logistics operators towards public institutions.



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