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Conversion into a tourist home is a solution.

Hotels, aparthotels and resorts are empty. Conversion into a tourist home is a profitable solution for these times. At ICH we show you how you can make it happen

Hotels, aparthotels and resorts are empty. Conversion into a tourist home is a profitable solution for these times. At ICH we show you how you can make it happen 

This pandemic has left a devastating reality: hotels remain empty and, what is worse, with tremendous uncertainty because we still do not know when it will end. Are you the owner of a hotel in need of a short-to-medium reform and, furthermore, is your hotel in a privileged tourist location? Or do you have aparthotels or a complex of tourist apartments that require a replacement or investment action and you have not decided?

At icrowdhouse we have a proposal that will help you make profitable a business that right now does not provide returns, that requires a significant investment right in these unstable moments and with which you will achieve an extra return to the current appraisal: transforming your hotel into new apartments tourist for sale. I explain how.

First I want to tell you about interest your project will capture for a retail investor

  • We are talking about a person who is looking for a very interesting 12-month return and who possibly knows your establishment and is interested in collaborating for its recovery. 
  • Therefore, the investor will be able to visualize the location of his investment and will understand that the sale of the new apartments will take place yes or yes. Why? Because your hotel has a privileged location and when the pandemic passes and the asset is transformed, the sale will be very interesting.
  • And, furthermore, when you create the Project Vehicle Company (SPV) to carry out the project, you find that a very high percentage of the company will be the asset you contribute being a reality, so it is only necessary to capture a smaller remaining percentage to develop it, so the investor appetite is very high as the risk is reduced.

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And you, As an owner, how does transforming your asset benefit you? You, the owner, own a hotel / aparthotels / tourist apartment complex that is privileged due to its location, but which requires a very important investment euros to reposition yourself when the pandemic ends, because you have spent many years without investing in the asset. In addition, you may have difficulties facing the work, even more so at this time.

For this reason, from icrowdhouse I propose that you reinvent yourself: sell your transformed asset, make it profitable!

If you sell it without reform to a fund you already know in advance that you will have to make a significant discount. Do not sell it badly: without entering the sentimental value, At ICH we enable you to achieve a sale with an extra profitability at the very interesting appraisal value.

You see the possibilities open to you as the owner of a hotel, an apartment hotel and an apartment complex. The investor wins, because your asset will become, after the work, a very interesting product for sale, so it will obtain interesting short-term benefits. You win as an owner, because you get rid of an asset that today cannot be exploited and that requires an investment that, on your own, is very difficult to face right now. And we continue to be satisfied with making it possible for owners, developers and investors to continue with their activity and obtain returns in these uncertain times.


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