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Our alternative to bank financing.

Alternative financing for your project, the solution to the shortage of bank financing that is coming.

Alternative non-bank financing is very expensive (reaches double digits) and does not understand risks. It is a direct financial cost for being a loan, which you also have to guarantee. If project execution times are lengthened due to unforeseen events, profitability decreases due to having to assume higher financial costs than expected.
Accessing bank financing is increasingly difficult. Neither the quality of the project nor the experience of the promoter matter, the most important point is the solvency of the promoter and guarantees to reach a proposal for a percentage of financing of the total cost of the project, reducing it to 50%, and also demonstrate the capacity of the demand for the same through pre-sale contracts, each day higher reaching 70% of pre-sales to access the developer loan.
Is not the experience of the developer who generates the real estate project enough? Or with a leading developer, with similar projects and success stories? Nor is having 100% transparency of the information, optimal profitability, having purchased land and a license?
The answer is no, it is not enough to convince the Bank. The demands are increasing and it is going to get worse, that is why promoters must prepare the way for what is going to be (already is) a future without bank financing.
ICH has the solution to this problem. It proposes a technological solution that allows promoters to build an investor club that will be the basis of financing for future projects. It is a unique tool on the market, an IRM (Investor Relationship Management) to manage your projects and your relationship with investors. You can discover more on our website: https://www.icrowdhouse.com/inicio-promotores/


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