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Why do you have to create your own investment club

In the real estate sector there are many variables that can influence the profitability of a proposal. However, there are three fundamental pillars that will determine whether a project is profitable or not:

  • Buy well, either the land or the asset to be rehabilitated or reformed, that is, that this asset has a balanced price.
  • Build well, either to generate assets or to reform, that is, that the costs are balanced.
  • Sell ​​well, that is, at an optimal price in the terms that the project needs.

These three variables are responsible for completing a project successfully is so complex, because it is very difficult to manage all three levers at the same time. However, there is a key aspect that determines the start of the project, which is the capital. For better or for worse, the real estate sector is a sector that requires investment and, in the case of large projects, a lot of investment. Without capital, it is not possible to start any quality project with a good ending.

However, it is not necessary to have all the capital in order to carry out a project. There are many formulas to be able to access to cover the total costs of the financial plan. Without going into these formulas, the most important thing is to focus on the imperative need to contribute part of the capital to access these financing channels. You cannot start a project without capital, that is something that belongs to the past.

If we do not want to concentrate risks with our own resources, we have to create alliances and find partners for the project. The solution is to create an investment club. It is an exclusive group of investors with the common objective of making their capital profitable in business projects, in our sector in real estate projects. The creation of an Investors Club allows the promoter to have sufficient autonomy to find alternative financing. This liquidity can be combined, of course, with bank financing, nothing is exclusive.

Until now, this type of Club was private, exclusive and professional, where investors contributed significant sums to projects of all kinds, obviously to make their capital profitable. But today, thanks to Icrowdhouse's IRM (Investor Relationship Management), every player in the real estate sector can now create their own Retail Investor Club, that is, “savers” and enjoy its benefits.

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