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Benefits can the small saver.

What benefits can icrowdhouse bring if you are a small saver?

We know that investing in "brick" is the safest in the medium and long term, obviously investing with knowledge and without committing crazy things that can generate more problems than profit.

This is clear, but if you are a small saver, how can you invest in "brick"? If your total savings, for example, are € 50.000, you cannot acquire a property, since you are obliged to buy a unit, be it a flat, premises, garage or storage room; but with 50.000 euros the real estate offer is reduced so much that it loses its appeal. Therefore, you look for other options, because you do not want to but because you cannot afford an investment.

Icrowdhouse solves this problem. How? Investing with other partners in real estate projects. By not having a minimum investment, you can invest the amount you want in the project you want, either to create the asset and sell it, or to rent it. You choose the type of project on the platform, which, with total transparency, offers you different types of investment, different terms, different locations and different returns. You visualize, you invest; all this without cost.

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By investing you are acquiring participation in the real estate project and therefore you become a partner of the Company, which we call equity investment, that is, you are part of the asset and its profitability.

Another important benefit is the ability to diversify your investment. In the event that you can buy an asset with your 50.000 euros without icrowdhouse, you will be concentrating the risk on an asset. You will have all the "eggs in the same basket", when they are all your savings. 

Icrowdhouse proposes that you invest in different projects so that you have less risk and ensure that capital that has cost you so much to save. What's more, in your investor profile on our platform we indicate what level of diversification you have according to the investments you make, and so you can have a guide that helps you diversify better.


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