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Alternative financing for your project.

Do you want to obtain financing to develop your real estate project, but the conditions and banking regulations prevent it? At icrowdhouse we have the solution!

Alternative non-bank financing is very expensive (reaches double digits) and does not understand risks. It is a direct financial cost for being a loan, which you also have to guarantee. If project execution times are lengthened due to unforeseen events, profitability decreases due to having to assume higher financial costs than expected.

Accessing bank financing is increasingly difficult. Neither the quality of the project nor the experience of the promoter matters, the most important point is the percentage of financing compared to the total cost of the project and demonstrating its ability to succeed through pre-sales contracts.

You want to obtain financing to develop your real estate project but the conditions and banking regulations prevent it at icrowdhouse we have the icrowdhouse solution

Is not the experience of the developer who generates the real estate project enough? Or with a leading developer, with similar projects and success stories? Nor is having 100% transparency of the information, optimal profitability, having purchased land and a license?

The answer is no, it is not enough to convince the Bank. Instead, it is enough for ICH investors. It is the fair and necessary thing that ICH investors need to know and know to invest in your project. Decide your own strategy to carry out the project, do not decide third parties for you.

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