StartReal estate crowdfundingSupplement your monthly income with icrowdhouse.

Supplement your monthly income with icrowdhouse.

Do you want to receive a complementary income? With icrowdhouse you will be able to create a regular income stream, where after purchasing the property, a small adjustment is made with the aim of renting it to obtain a monthly return.

In our platform there are different types of investment, and one of them is investment in income. This will be destined for the generation of real estate assets (or reform of existing assets) with a rental destination, either tourist or conventional.

The value proposition is based on a monthly income and an exit, or what is the same, an exit within a specified period. The combination of both items allows you to achieve net returns (before taxes) of up to 9% per year. In a period of 5 years you can be making your investment profitable by 6% per year and at the end of the period with the sale of the asset you can generate up to 15% extra return on your investment, all this will depend on the project proposal that, if it convinces , will be happy to accept you as a Partner of the SL.

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There are different proposals for different types of investors, all with maximum security, since we operate with authorization and supervision of the CNMV, and with absolute transparency in the information offered through the 100% digital platform.

Also, in case you need to divest because you need liquidity, you can sell your shares to: 

  • 1. Another member of the SL who is willing to buy at the price you offer 
  • 2. Any natural or legal person in your environment at the price you agree to.
  • 3. Through the icrowdhouse platform, being able to sell your shares. In this case it will be at nominal value, that is, without revaluation since the CNMV does not allow it, but you will have enjoyed your annual profitability, recovered 100% of the capital and you will have had liquidity when you have needed it without cost or penalties.

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