StartFeaturedSaas software for real estate investment.

Saas software for real estate investment.

We launched the first developer software that allows you to digitize real estate investment

As a participatory financing platform, iCrowdhouse connects investors with developers and / or builders who are looking for alternative financing to develop their real estate projects. 

As a result of this need, the new Saas (Software as a Service) for the real estate market. A unique digital tool that puts investors in contact with originators (developers, builders, architects, agencies ...) seeking financing to develop their projects. At this point it must be remembered that iCrowdhouse always operates under the legal framework authorized by the CNMV. In this sense, the new digital tool allows to fulfill
with the existing regulations and adapt the business model of the originators to them.

A digital tool to start creating value in the real estate market again.

On many occasions, the search for financing to carry out a real estate project is a daunting task: lack of investor contacts, dozens of unsuccessful presentations, delayed deadlines, difficult interaction between interlocutors. This no longer makes sense with the technologies that we have today: that is why iCrowdhouse brings a breath of fresh air in a sector, real estate, which until now had been quite traditional in terms of processes and ways of acting.

The new environment that we are going to find after Covid-19 will be unknown to all sectors, and much more so for the real estate scenario where we have so many actors affected by the new situation, but we will all have three basic needs: immediate liquidity, speed of recovery and investment to generate new opportunities. With this digital tool, we are giving the possibility to all the agents involved to have alternative financing as a lever to close a real estate transaction and start creating value again. And in parallel, we offer investors a new formula to diversify their investment in real estate assets with less volatility in these uncertain times.

The solution allows the developer's website to become a recurring, flexible and scalable source of financing, which allows it to increase its developments and diversify its investors. And all with the maximum guarantees, since iCrowdhouse is a platform authorized by the CNMV. Our experience has allowed us to verify that a tool like this was necessary to democratize accredited investment in the real estate sector. Do not forget that promotions need investors and vice versa.

A 100% digital solution that allows you to contact, interact, offer, advertise, negotiate and contract with the universe of investors

It is part of our DNA to protect the investor. This solution adds value in a
A fundamental part of the business, the raising of financing for the generation of assets. From iCrowdhouse we do not want to influence the management of the promoter, the back office, front
office, marketing, customer relations, etc. What we seek is to help transform
digitally the relationship and interaction with investors. Our solution ranges from looking for investors for a promotion until construction is completed and we have to settle accounts with investors.

If in 'normal' times it is already difficult to obtain financing and access new investors, before
Situations like the current Covid-19, it still becomes more complicated. In this context,
digital tool is presented as the digital solution that favors the revitalization of the economy of the real estate sector. The new Saas is defined as a real alternative to the search for financing, which allows efficiency, since it achieves the main objective of attracting the necessary financing at the necessary time. It also allows efficiency, since the capture cost is optimal, being able to optimize direct and indirect costs by having a 100% digital solution. And it also allows agility, so necessary in complex moments like the ones we are experiencing, and all this in a safe environment.

Among its different versions, the iCrowdhouse digital tool incorporates a special service for financial intermediaries or brokers, with the aim that financial advisors can select promotions and offer them individually to their portfolio of investors. A unique formula so that the financial advisor has a 100% digital tool that expands the investment offer to its client portfolio.

“We do not want to and cannot advise investors, but without However, we can offer digital real estate investment tools to whoever is authorized to advise and broker, so that they can explore opportunities on the platform in their maximum anonymity, obviously until the financing round is closed ”, explains Pedro Arroyo, General Director of iCrowdhouse. 


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