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What if we start to get to know each other?


Many savers prefer deposits or savings books, because the money is "safe." Fall in the illusion of "face value". In nominal terms, that is, without taking inflation into account, it is true that the value of your equity is maintained but in real terms, taking inflation into account, the purchasing power of the patrimony is reduced.

Excess liquidity has a very high opportunity cost if it does not get a return.

Never before has it been more evident than now that the usual savings book strategy no longer works. Saving is not enough, you have to invest.

That is why we want to tell you how to get a return on your money by investing in a project where you buy an apartment at a very good price, reform it maximizing its value and sell it at market price.

It is a good opportunity to understand the value that icrowdhouse.com can bring to savers who do not know very well what to do with their savings.

Saving is not enough, you have to invest.

Evaristo, the promoter of this operation, called us at the end of April because he had the option to buy a flat to be completely renovated at a very competitive price. He told us that, with the reform, the apartment would significantly increase its value.

Evaristo told us about his experience, the projects he had in progress as well as other opportunities he had in his portfolio. He also told us about his big problem, he did not have enough liquidity for all of them. We found him to be a great professional with a ideal product for those who are starting out in real estate investment, so we offered be part of our investment network.

We then asked Evaristo for images of the apartment in its current state, and he sent us this:

The apartment has possibilities, it is also located in the nerve center of the town, next to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the main banking entities, and the entire nucleus of shops and restaurants.

We also request an appraisal from you. In the state in which the floor is located the valuation is € 51.213,85Even so, Evaristo greatly lowered his offer to the owner since he had to take over the works. Finally I close the sale 34% below the appraisal price.

After a detailed study of the investment, where we analyze the taxes, the reform budget as well as the rest of the costs charged to the project, we wanted to know what the final result would be in order to assess the sale price. Evaristo gave us the following renders:

The proposed change is abysmal and focused on maximizing its value. The neutral aspect is very important in this type of transaction since it captures the attention and at the same time does not condition the buyers. That is why white ceilings and walls are chosen, wood-look laminate flooring, white skirting, white lacquered doors, plain white kitchen with walls tiled with white ceramic and vinyl tile flooring, bathroom with white cladding and new toilets.

Evaristo told us that after analyzing the area and its offer of a similar product, he could establish a minimum sale price of around € 70.000. This supposes a revaluation around 35% of the appraised value.

In this project where time is money to get the most out of the investment, Evaristo has already started the collection of material and expects to complete the project in within 6 months.

The final result of the project estimates a total return for the investor of 13%, if we take into account the variable time annual profitability, being a 6-month project, amounts to 20%.

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How do I participate in this opportunity?

For our network of investors to participate in this opportunity, the following was agreed with Evaristo:

  • Evaristo creates a new SL as an investment vehicle.
  • Evaristo contributes 15% of the necessary capital.
  • The investors of icrowdhouse.com contribute the remaining 85% of the necessary capital, through a capital increase.
  • The purchase and sale of the apartment is materialized in the name of the new SL.
  • Evaristo carries out the proposed business plan, executes the reform on a budget basis and sells the apartment.
  • Evaristo and the investors will share the benefit of the project in proportion to their participation.


How do I invest in this opportunity?

The simplest of everything, from a computer ...

  • Accede to icrowdhouse.com.
  • Transfer the amount you want to invest to your wallet (we work with a payment entity authorized by the Bank of Spain).
  • Select the opportunity (the project referred to in this article is called Barranquet 4) and follow the steps to invest.
  • Stay in communication with Evaristo throughout the development of the project to know its evolution.
  • Receive the capital invested and the profits generated from the sale of the asset.

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