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Is crowdfunding regulated in Spain?

Segun Wikipedia «Micro-patronage, crowdfunding or collective financing is a collaborative project financing mechanism. The same dispenses with the traditional financial intermediation, and consists of putting in contact promoters of projects that demand funds through the issuance of securities and social participations or through the request of loans, with investors or bidders of funds that seek a return on investment. In this activity two characteristics stand out, such as: the massive union of investors who finance small projects with high potential with small amounts and the risky nature of said investment.

In general terms, micromanagement consists of the public dissemination, by the person seeking financing, of the cause or business for which he deals, and joint financing by independent lenders who simply sympathize with the cause, or pursue a Credit offered by the borrower. Since much of the success of this form of financing lies in the publicity given to the project, the most important collective financing platforms currently have support on the Internet, due to their massive reach and low comparative cost.

Micromanagement can be used for many purposes, from artists seeking support from their followers, political campaigns, debt financing, housing, schools, dispensaries and even the birth of companies or small businesses. »

That said in Spain IF Participatory Financing Platforms are regulated by the 5 / 2015 Act of April 27 on the promotion of business financing.

Participatory financing platforms are authorized companies whose activity consists of contacting, in a professional manner and through web pages or other electronic means, a plurality of natural or legal persons that offer financing in exchange for a monetary return, called investors, with individuals or legal entities that request financing on their own behalf to allocate it to a participatory financing project, called promoters.
Companies that develop the activity foreseen in the previous section will not be considered participatory financing platforms when the financing received by the promoters is exclusively through:
a) Donations.
b) Sale of goods and services.
c) Interest free loans.

There is some controversy about it, we hope that with this information you can draw your own conclusions, ours is that our activity IF corresponds to that of a PFP So if it is regulated. CrowdHouse Worldwide PFP SL is authorized and registered in the register of Participatory Financing Platforms of the National Securities Market Commission.

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