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Crowdfunding, Participatory Financing Platforms and ICrowdHouse?

The 5 / 2015 Act, of 27 of April, for the promotion of business financing, defines in its article 46 the activity of the PFP: «Authorized companies whose activity consists in contacting, in a professional manner and in a professional way through web pages or other electronic means, to a plurality of natural or legal persons that offer financing in exchange for a monetary return, called investors, with natural or legal persons that request financing on their own behalf to allocate it to a participatory financing project, called promoters. »In Article 48 this activity as well as the name of PFP is reserved.

Wikipedia defines Crowdfunding as “Micro-patronage, or collective financing colloquially known in English as crowdfunding, is a phenomenon of financial disintermediation whereby promoters of projects that demand funds are contacted through the issuance of securities and social participations or through the application of loans, with investors or bidders of funds that seek a return on investment. In this activity, two characteristics stand out, such as: The massive union of investors that finance small projects with high potential and the risky nature of such investment. »

ICrowdHouse exercises the activity defined as Crowdfunding and the activity defined for PFP. We seek financing for third party projects. For this reason our activity is regulated by the CNMV.

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