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Become an investor

Do I have to open an account at the payment institution?
What does ICrowdHouse offer me as a platform investor?
If I am a foreigner, where should I apply for the NIE?
When I invest in a company, am I investing directly in the capital of the company?
Does ICrowdHouse have cost for the investor?
What aspects of a project can I comment and with whom?
What should I consider before becoming an ICrowdHouse investor?
Are there any restrictions on the type of investment I can make?
Who can be an investor in ICrowdHouse?

Search Projects

What stages does an investment opportunity have?
How are the operations in ICrowdHouse?
What kind of real estate assets does ICrowdHouse offer?
What kind of opportunities to invest in?
What opportunities can I invest in?

Analyze projects

Is the information I see confidential?
How can I contact the promoter of a project?
How are the projects evaluated?
What information can I find about a project?
Does ICrowdHouse offer investment advice?
Where can I check information about the opportunities?

Investment process

What happens if the requested funding is not reached?
How are contracts signed?
Will the contracts be the same in all operations?
What are the procedures for returning the investment if the minimum requirements are not met?
What is the minimum and maximum capital that I can invest in a project?
Where can I see the contracts that are used?
Can I invest by check or cash?
Who decides what projects I invest in?
Can a fundraiser end before the deadline?
Can I promote the project in which I invested among my contacts?
What are the temporal and quantitative limits of a project?
How do I deposit funds in my Wallet?
Who interacts with investors?
How long does it take to invest?
How is the investment of opportunities executed?
Once registered and with my Wallet validated, what steps do I have to continue taking to be able to invest?
What about the money I have committed for the investment?
Can I cancel my investment commitment?


What about the amount that I have committed to a project?
What are the procedures and payment systems between investors and promoters?
How can I withdraw my funds?
How do I receive my benefits?
When do I receive the benefits?
What account do my benefits transfer to?
Can I have my benefits?

Your investment

When would society dissolve?
Can I cancel my investment?
How is my investment settled?
Create my own investment portfolio?
Can I sell my shares?
What are the deadlines for each investment?
What rates do you apply for investing?
When will my investment be returned?
Once I have invested, how can I know the progress of the project?
How can I check my investments?
What profitability can I expect?

Risks, returns and guarantees

What risks do I expose myself when investing in projects?
What are the potential risks?
What returns should I expect?
Do the shares purchased through ICrowdHouse have liquidity?
What does ICrowdHouse do to reduce the risk?
What can I do to minimize my risk?
What responsibility do I have?
What happens if ICrowdHouse closes the business?

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