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Who can be an investor in ICrowdHouse?

Virtually everyone can be an investor! In fact, registering and accrediting yourself as an investor is free, so access the investment opportunities available on the page as well, which are the result of a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, of its main actors, of A stable and committed human team with the task of offering rigorous, transparent and personalized information that will allow you to make informed and adjusted decisions to the reality of the moment.

You can make the decision to invest without doing a job that requires a lot of time and money for free. The only requirements you must meet are:

You must be a legal or natural person, resident in the European Union, who is of legal age, who has a current account in a European bank and with a valid ID. If as a natural or legal person you are from outside the European Union, you must request or have a valid NIE.

To request the NIE you can do it in your country of residence both in the Embassy and in the Consulate of Spain or in Spain at the General Directorate of the Police. Or, Icrowdhouse offers you to perform this management for you through

Further information:ía.

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