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What are the procedures for returning the investment if the minimum requirements are not met?

The following procedure will be applicable when the Project is not successful.

The Project will be considered unsuccessful when:
to. The 100% has not been reached or if the 90% of the required financing is previously established within the established term.
b. Even obtaining the required funding, the other requirements are not met. “Other requirements” shall be understood as the requirements previously accepted by the investor in relation to the veracity of the information provided at the beginning, and will be of continuous compliance until the moment of the order to release the funds.

1 º If the financing requirements are not met, ICrowdHouse will order our payment entity so that the funds held in the investors' Wallets, and that are blocked, are released and become available again.

2 º ICrowdHouse will send telematic communication to the investor indicating the non-success of the Project and the reversal of the retention, within a maximum period of 48 hours, of the funds retained in his Wallet since the submission of the communication.

3 º The investor, with these funds, may:
to. Keep them in your Wallet in case you want to make a new investment with the available balance.
b. Transfer them to your personal bank account.

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