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Once registered and with my Wallet validated, what steps do I have to continue taking to be able to invest?

First you must have available in your wallet, at least, the amount you want to invest.

If you have the balance you want to invest in your Wallet you must perform the following steps:

  • Choose what opportunity you want to invest in
  • Choose the amount you want to invest (taking into account the limits if you are an uncredited investor).
  • Click on “invest in this project” and after reading the pre-investment information click on “Confirm investment”.
  • The means of payment enabled to be able to invest is exclusively by means of balance in your Wallet, if a message is insufficient it will indicate it to you and you will have to proceed to load your Wallet, but accept the terms and conditions and click on to make the transaction.
  • Automatically, if your investment has been made correctly, you will skip a screen confirming your investment in the opportunity.
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